Commercial photography at its best:
Costin Tuta is a Phase One Certified Photographer who specializes in product and food photography as well as advertising. We focus on achieving the ultimate image quality, fully customized to your needs. While optimizing the images for your specific purpose, we complement our photography with digital processing in order to reach the clients' highest expectations. Portraits, places and fashion are some other areas that we explore in our photography.

Our photographic edge:
Unlike shooting with DSLR cameras, we offer you an edge versus the competition by using the latest medium and large-format technology (proven 4 times better image quality) including cutting-edge imaging systems and state-of-the-art lighting sources to achieve the ultimate photographic quality. In the same time, we are sensitive and flexible to the client's budget and timelines for a commercial photography project. In other words: affordable high-end photography. We successfully integrate the photography component for complex advertising campaigns by adapting to our various clients' requests for shooting in studio and on location.

What we specialize in:
Food, Product and Advertising Photography services are offered as well as corporate, headshots or fashion.

Costin Tuta, dont le studio est situé à Montréal, est un photographe offrant différents services dans le domaine de la photographie comme alimentaire et d'embalage de produit. Il travaille avec l'une des équipes de photographes les plus prestigieuses à Montréal et se spécialise en photographie d'objets, de norriture, d'événements spéciaux et d'architecture dans le domaine immobilier.
Les portraits, événements, paysages et produits ne sont que quelques-uns des créneaux qu’il explore.

Son studio entièrement équipé des plus récentes technologies incluant des systemes d'images moyen et large format qui permet de fournir les meilleurs résultats professionnels le plus rapidement possible.