An interesting decision that was taking lately by the Phase One Management was to abandon the camera systems for the middle range income photographers. They will keep producing only the high end segment thus continuing only the ridiculously expensive and hugely performant cameras. It seems that, for this parts of the market, some other companies – like Fujifilm Corp. – will step in and replace the P1 market share.

The photographer’s immediate questions arise: will the Fuji GF medium format systems will be able to produce same quality as the P1? On paper, systems like Sony/Nikon have awesome resolutions but, in real-life, the comparable quality of the images is not convincing (that being said there are experienced photographers that produce awesome images with small full format sensor). However the lower bit count makes a huge difference.

How good (or bad) will the integration be in Capture One for the Fuji? Will it work in “work-horse” situation combined with C1? I know the focus stacking option on Fuji, for instance, seems very primitive.

If you have any experience with the new Fuji medium format in pro studio scenarios, I will love to “pick your brain”.

Stay happy!

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