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Fuji GFX vs Phase One

An interesting decision that was taking lately by the Phase One Management was to abandon the camera systems for the middle range income photographers. They will keep producing only the high end segment thus continuing only the ridiculously expensive and hugely performant cameras. It seems that, for this parts of the market, some other companies […]

February Stats…and comments :)

Seeing so many “Pro Photographers” popping overnight and disappearing until the dusk of next day, like some kind of bizarre and febrile ephemerides,  I am thinking my February stats could contribute to a better understanding a basic standard of being a busy (successful?) photographer: February: 15000 actuation. My Phase One DF Shutter gave up, again… […]

When clients send us feed-back :)

Nothing better than a client who sends feed back in the form of a photo with some huge prints done for their office. Once again, the Phase One Image Quality shines. Thanks Justin!!  

The “awesome retouching” issue

A while ago, I noticed a post on Facebook, where a Montreal based photographer declared his unlimited love to the retouching procedures. For the rest of us humble photographers this tedious procedure is not called retouching but no less than “Photoshop Hell”. That being the situation, they are 1001 companied from the East Indies who […]

Food photography in motion

Generally, when one sees these nice images with the pieces of fruit flying around they are pretty much shot stil, in position, suspended with different methods. However there are moments where this is not possible (like in splash photography) and this can present itself with challenges like control of the depth of the field, speed of […]

Why medium format cameras are still king

Today’s key subject: recovery! People are thinking medium for mat systems are superior due to the gargantuan size of the images. Some others realized that the dynamic range of medium format – even with CMOS sensors – is another huge advantage. However there is a far more important reason why I am using a Phase […]

Architectural photography

One of the domain we specialize and our visitors are less familiar with is Interior Design Photography. We photograph various projects around Montreal. Here is one that I found inspiring as design.    

Photographing designer light sources.

We had in our Montreal studio an interesting client. The produce very high-end designer light sources. Very cool stuff. Photographing light sources in use, however, presents itself with challenges. They had a very exact ideas about what they needed and they were very keen to see these ideas realized. In the past photographers fell through […]

Little Prince The Movie – Photography

An interesting project for which I had the pleasure to work as photographer:

R.I.P. – my Phase One DF’s shutter is dead

So, a few days ago, the moment finally came and my Phase One’s shutter busted during a shoot in my studio. Initially I was very surprised. When you pay a little more than a car on a camera you would expect the shutter to last forever and not be dead after 50 000 shots. But […]