Photographing designer light sources.

We had in our Montreal studio an interesting client. The produce very high-end designer light sources. Very cool stuff.

Photographing light sources in use, however, presents itself with challenges. They had a very exact ideas about what they needed and they were very keen to see these ideas realized. In the past photographers fell through for mainly 2 reasons: inconsistencies of the light temperatures (the light coming from the lamps had to be matched) and the presence of heavy banding due to the usage of cheaper cameras like Canon or Nikon.

In our studio, Phase one delivered one more time with the huge range and the unmatched 16bit power. One thing for sure, my MacPro wasn’t happy during the processing despite the 2 powerful processors inside.


One problem that we had was the Tiff size limit that is 4GB. Needless to say, in layers, the output was often much bigger than that. Enjoy!





0182_hemera59316crop-copy 0189_hemera61085v2

Equipment used:

Phase One DF+ with IQ140 back

Schneider Kreuznach 80mm

4 profoto D1 with various diffusers


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