Food photography in motion

Generally, when one sees these nice images with the pieces of fruit flying around they are pretty much shot stil, in position, suspended with different methods. However there are moments where this is not possible (like in splash photography) and this can present itself with challenges like control of the depth of the field, speed of light or, ultimately capturing the best moment to have a spectacular shape for the liquid.

On my las shoot I was confronted with the same issues when the client asked me to shoot a meal where the smoke was an important part in presenting the dish. I was very happy to have a decent smoke composition at the third try. For people unfamiliar with my equipment, I happen to work with a medium format Phase One where sequential rapid shooting  is not an option. So here is my third photograph for this plate.

0234_kokoro72033sPhase One IQ140

Schneider 80mm

3 Profoto D1 with various diffusers



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