Studio Large Format Set-Up

This is one of our more complicated set-ups in our Montreal studio. It is a large format platform which produces high quality images (I generally try to avoid the term “art photography”). The lens resolution (yes the lenses have resolution) is vastly superior to DSLR and medium format ones and it’s conceived by Schneider specially for the high resolution digital backs. For most people including a lot of photographers this might look like spaceship parts.


Shooting with this set-up is time consuming and, despite the wonderful possibilities in manipulating the plan of focus and perspective, we use it and only for clients willing to pay for extreme quality.


Sinar P2

Schneider 120mm f/5.6 Apo Digitar M Lens w/ Copal #0 Shutter

Phase One IQ140

Adapter plate to Sinar/IQ backs

Profoto D1 x 4 and diffusers

Camera Stand


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