Catrina festival in Playa del Carmen – impressive low light capabilities for Nikon D800

One warm night I took my Nikon D800 for a stroll through the colorful Playa del Carmen, Mexico. In beautiful inner garden I met a pretty Mexican girl prepared for the ongoing La Catrina festival and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures. Pairing it with the new Sigma 50mm f/1.4 art proved to be terrific idea. The light was so low we barely could see anything with the naked eye. The available light sources were decorative lights on trees and a couple of street lights. The results honestly impressed me. The “Velvia” effect was added in post production, but, other than that, there is minimal retouch. Nikon D800, Sigma 50mm Art, Iso 2000, 1/125, F1.8.

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