“Toying” around with a Phase One IQ

Recently I had the pleasure to work for a particular photography project. A Montreal company which produces toy-robots contacted me in order to create imagery that will refresh their commercial interface. Upon the first contact we realized that, in fact, we are geographically neighbors since their office is just in the next building from ours (what are the odds?) and things suddenly click.

It was a very interesting project – the “toys” proving to be a lot more complicate at a deeper investigation.

One of the photography challenges was to keep the gray in a neutral zone (these toys are mostly black or white). Using Profoto flashes helped a lot with their legendary light temperature consistency.

They also wanted some interesting dynamic angles to suggest the “motion” which is a key feature for these tinny robots. Bellow a couple of examples from this photo shoot:

A very low angle helped shooting this car-robot. 





This must be my favorite – the attention to detail is staggering.






We were also asked for lifestyle pictures. The toys can be controlled with a smart phone through an app developed by the company.





Gear used:

Phase One IQ140 + Phase One 645DF +  Schneider 80mm TS

Profoto D1 with various Profoto difusers

Nikon D800

Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art



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